Client Testimonials

“I give Walascheck a 10 out of 10 on service!"   “MU-MIX is way better than the oily material that you can get at home depot!  This stuff is nice, thick, with a good overlay.  MU-MIX has been GREAT for my kids as well – they are no longer slipping around on the pavement!"
Ryan Meacham

“Services have been excellent!  Any issues were addressed in a timely manner."  “MU-MIX has held up great!  I can tell it's definitely a more heavy-duty product than what other companies have used in the past."
Kevin Farrel

“I decided to try MU-MIX because I saw and heard how happy all of my neighbors were with it.  I'm very, very satisfied with MU-MIX!  There is zero slippage on my driveway now and so far no wear and tear with three vehicles utilizing it daily."
Jack Steele

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