We offer commercial & residential

parking lot and driveway asphalt paving & sealcoating

driveway asphalt paving


  • Commercial parking lots
  • Residential subdivisions and condominium roadways
  • Residential driveways
residential asphalt paving

Cost Advantages

  • Qualified substitution for removal/replacement
  • More efficient than regular seal coating
  • Lasts an average of 5-7 years and keeps matte color
parking lot asphalt paving

Other Benefits

  • Slip-resistant coating goes over existing asphalt surfaces
  • Protects and seals existing asphalt surfaces, preserving its life cycle

What Makes Us Different

We are the only parking lot & driveway asphalt paving service company in the United States that can provide a heavy-duty overlay with a large aggregate. This aggregate provides traction and holds the product together to reduce cracking and separation.

driveway sealcoating

The Asphalt NC Way

Is your asphalt deteriorating? Full removal is not necessary! We are able to fill cracked areas leaving a smooth, uniform finish. NC Asphalt Restoration’s MU-MIX™ fully adheres to your existing asphalt without flaking or delaminating.

NC Asphalt Restoration’s patented product (MU-MIX™) a heavy-duty protective overlay for asphalt pavement is the BEST CHOICE for your Residential or Commercial pavement longevity. Our proprietary product thoroughly fills cracks for a dynamic driving surface while providing OUTSTANDING TRACTION. Our special dye additives keep your surface from fading for 10 years giving you an extended like-new appearance.

Client Testimonials

I give NC Asphalt Restoration a 10 out of 10 on service!"   “MU-MIX is way better than the oily material that you can get at home depot!  This stuff is nice, thick, with a good overlay.  MU-MIX has been GREAT for my kids as well – they are no longer slipping around on the pavement!

Ryan Meacham

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