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Parking Lot Resurfacing

The history of NC Asphalt Restoration is an interesting story that really begins with the founder, John Walaschek's move of the business from Pittsburgh, PA to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1970.

It wasn’t long after his move to Florida that John started experimenting with better ways to coat and seal asphalt for improved care and maintenance and longer term use. He believed that the various products and techniques for sealing and coating asphalt were really not that good. They did not last as long as they should and really didn’t address the cracking and deterioration issues that naturally occur with asphalt.

In 1973 John filed for a patent on a unique sealcoating process he developed that incorporated a mixture of latex, silicon and aggregate; and in 1974 the US Patent Office granted Patent No. 3835117 to John Walaschek. In granting John a patent, the US Patent Office said that the sealcoating mixture John developed resulted in “long life, uniform filler distribution and excellent bonding characteristics” for asphalt driveways, parking areas and other asphalt surfaces.

Thanks to John and his ingenuity the asphalt industry has two exceptional quality products for asphalt use. These products are Mu-Mix™ and Econocoat® and are among other qualities, non-slip, non-skid, non-static, gasoline and oil resistive and meet FAA specs.

Mu-mix™ is a top-of-the line product that will enhance the look of a property’s asphalt and provide it long lasting protection. Mu-mix™ also provides a barrier and excellent resistance to gasoline, oil and other petroleum based products, which is a real problem for surfaces with automobile, truck and airplane traffic.

Econocoat® is an economy product that while it won’t offer all of the long term durability, crack filling and other benefits of Mu-Mix™, it does offer excellent durability and coating value that will improve the look and life of a properties asphalt at a highly affordable price that will meet any budget.

NC Asphalt Restoration specializes in the maintenance and coating of off highway pavements; including patching, line markings, car markings and the new paving.

NC Asphalt Restoration works on asphalt jobs both large and small; from residential driveways to airport runways. Projects it has worked on include commercial parking lots, industrial buildings, banks, hospitals, government buildings, schools, shopping centers and residential properties. A few examples of some interesting projects include:

Fort Lauderdale Jet Center

US Customs Building Parking Lot

Boca County Airport Runway

An extensive number of Condominium and Community Parking Lots

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