Mu-Mix Heavy Duty Protective Overlay

The Patented Three Coat System: Patent # 3,835,117-

Mu-Mix has many characteristics that set it apart from any other specification for protective coatings for asphalt. Mu-Mix , is specified as F A A Item 628 for Airport ramps and runways. Mu-Mix was awarded a patent simply because it dries to a much harder finish than conventional sealcoatings, thus lasting much longer under the same traffic conditions. The larger size silica aggregate combined with the specific Mu-Mix Latex Rubber and the highest quality coal-tar emulsion, provide a uniform thixotropic material. Mu-Mix can be applied directly over serverely deteriorated asphalt, transforming a cracked worn surface into a beautiful, jet black finished surface. Mu-Mix is totally gasoline and oil resistant and is textureized for better traction and less tire squeal. Mu-Mix fills and covers all cracks up to one half inch wide and one half inch deep, filling the crack to the surface and restoring the fines that have been lost from the pavements surface.

The Mu-Mix Heavy Duty Protective Overlay will ensure complete protection for your parking area. The durable bond, flexibility and resilience of the finished product along with its excellent resistance to petroleum products and weathering will cut your maintenance costs to a minimum. Mu-Mix is the most cost-effective method of maintaining a pavement and providing many years of service.

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